A Change of Plan || Bali

My plan in Bali was a bit of a stupid one as I had booked a hostel in Seminyak for the whole two weeks I was there. However, I knew a few days before that I would want to travel around the cities a bit. I did not think to alter my booking and therefore could not change it or get my money back when I got there. I left Seminyak and went on to stay at other places despite paying for the hostel when I wasn’t there. My plan was last minute; by last minute I mean I decided to book all these places the night before going.



I ended up staying in Ubud for a few days so it was easier to explore the city rather than having to do a long road trip from Seminyak each day (which would cost more than just booking a guesthouse in Ubud). The guesthouse I stayed at was beautiful and right in the heart of Ubud, only a few minutes walk up from the monkey forest and right opposite the market, which of course I had to get a few things from.



I had to go back to Seminyak before heading to Nusa Dua for my final few days as I had my backpack still there. I got back from Ubud in the afternoon and about an hour after I had booked a taxi to go to Tanah Lot Temple which is an amazing-located temple looking right across the ocean, known to be the best spot in Bali to catch a good few views of the sunset.
I had planned to do a quad bike tour the last day I was there. Not realising where it was, I had travelled back to Ubud for it after just being there less than 16 hours ago. I got back in the evening to Seminyak, a little later than planned, checked out (even though I was still paying to stay there until the 21st) and got a taxi to Nusa Dua, a guesthouse which I had booked only that morning.


Nusa Dua

I arrived in the middle of nowhere just a few minutes drive from one of the best beaches in Nusa Dua. The location and guesthouse was perfect for me; quiet surroundings, beautiful and compact villas, and a double bed to myself…talk about heaven! I was happy to spend the rest of my stay alone so I could just relax and enjoy a bit of down time. I was planning on heading to turtle island for one of the days but I had heard mixed reviews about it and seeing as I had already spent a lot on tours, I decided to give that one a miss. I did spend a day at the Hilton Hotel which was just down the hill from my accommodation. It was a beautiful, sunny day…so sunny I got horrible sunburn! I spent the rest of my days on and around Nusa Dua beach and the resorts, also in Bali Collection which is a big shopping mall full of entertainment, dining and shopping. I managed to get to Uluwatu to catch the sunset in the evening; the sunsets each night I was there were incredible! However, I forgot my camera and my phone ran out of battery as it’s broken right now sooooo no photos unfortunately, you’ll just have to imagine what it was like.

Even though I wasted a bit of money on accommodation I didn’t stay at the whole time, I don’t regret my decision AT ALL. Being back in all these places was incredible and it’s nice to see that Bali hasn’t changed too much the past 10 years. I got a little emotional that I wasn’t with my family as we had the best holidays here and it reminded me how much I miss them and how grateful I was to holiday in a place as beautiful as here. Hopefully next time I’m back, it’ll be with them.

Ever done last minute change of plans? How does it normally work out for you?



  1. Jasmine Simone
    February 23, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    I wish I could be like you. I would love to be somewhere and think fuck it and go book somewhere the day before. I have to plan plan plan! Glad you had an amazing trip with no regrets xJasmine xwww.jasminesimone.co.uk

    • Abigail West
      March 24, 2017 / 4:26 am

      I was so happy I decided to do it, otherwise I know, for sure, I would've regretted it. I'm annoyed I did waste a bit of money but it's all a learning curve I guess. If it was peak season, I probably wouldn't have been able to do it as accommodation would've probably all been booked up so I was pretty lucky! Normally I always plan ahead as you never know what will go wrong if you don't. Definitely want to do a trip where I book the first place and just book everything else as I go on. Abs x

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