GUESS WHAT?! TRAVEL TIME AGAINNNNN!!! Yes, 2 weeks later I'm back at the airport travelling North instead of South this time. This will be my first time stepping onto the grounds of Japan and, from what I've heard, I am buzzing!

We had only just arrived at the airport and already forgot that we were in a different language-speaking country. We found ourselves automatically saying thank you in Chinese instead of Japanese. I don't know any Japanese, just the odd hello (which everyone knows). But my friend Lauren knows one of the alphabets and some simple phrases so I learnt some from her, however, the pronunciation part for me isn't exactly easy. I basically say every word wrong, apart from thank you. It's a very hard language in my opinion, but I hear that about Chinese all the time which I find so much easier. Onwards and upwards hey?

After a very long and tiring metro journey, we ended up in the middle of Tokyo, with no wifi, lack of English speaking people around, and no clue as to where our hostel was. 4 rejections later from taxis, we hopped into one to take us to the right place; it would've helped if we got off at the right metro stop, which we had originally done but clearly decided it was the wrong station. We eventually found it, checked in and a quick power nap before making our way to the closest restaurant so we wouldn't die of hunger. I'm not a fan of noodles so Japanese food would be difficult for me as 99.8% of it is noodles but the restaurant we went to was perfect and had plenty of options. Only a short one as we arrived at the hostel late afternoon so only had a little wonder around before an early nights sleep ready for a full day ahead of adventures! Have a few pictures, they may persuade you as to why you should go to Tokyo, or Japan in general.

Sorry for the boringness of this post, just enjoy the photos :))