January 7, 2017

Ending 2016 on a High

Half way through the year I gave an update on my 2016 so far. So what has my second half 2016 looked like? (sorry it's a bit late)



So September started off big as I moved to China for my year abroad! China?! I'm still overwhelmed living in such a lively and beautiful city like Shanghai...even though I've been here for a good 4 months now...



Between the workload building up due to exams coming up, I used October to take a few days to properly see Shanghai. I took a 2 hour metro journey just to see a bit of rural Shanghai, and got caught between a live dancing show just to get to a park. I especially love exploring on my own just because it is more relaxing; you can do what interests just you and you aren't on any time limit for anyone else.



I started November with celebrating the end of our midterm exams with a few exciting day trips. These included Disneyland and also Zhujiajiao which both were experiences I'll never forget.
I also took November to start properly organising my travels for our winter break in January. It has took a lot of changes and decisions to finally (as of yesterday) work out my plan. It has changed about 5 times now but I have finally booked everything (well, just 2 more flights to go).



The start of December felt very christmassy as me and friends experienced the Christmas markets they have here in Shanghai and also did christmas shopping in Yuyuan Gardens. However, we peaked too early with all the christmas fun as around half way through December we were no longer feeling the christmas vibes. The mixed feelings of missing home and not having family with us were putting us down a bit.
I was very lucky to go and see my best friend in Hong Kong this Christmas with her family. They come every 3 years and it happened that this year was time for them to come over again. I was invited to spend Christmas day with them and their friends at one of their friends houses on Lantau Island, which was absolutely stunning. The house looked out to the sea with the beach a 2 metre walk away, literally just had to walk across the pavement. I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend christmas without my family, definitely not in Shanghai, for sure!



I spent my last night of 2016 with a group of my friends in a house downtown which we had rented for the night. It was a very entertaining night and a perfect way to end 2016!

What was your 2016 like? 

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