January 10, 2017

Plans for January and February 2017

So as you are all aware, I am travelling this year around Asia for a couple months as I am living in China. I posted a while ago about my future travel plans and where I would hope to travel to. Since then, I have organised my whole trip with different countries included and some left out due to impracticality from the route. So where exactly am I going?


Over Christmas I flew down to Hong Kong for just under a week which was lovely to catch up with my best friend and her family. We managed to get around the majority of Hong Kong and a few of the islands. Because I loved the city so much, I may go back again before I leave China later this year.



Right now, I am on the plane to Tokyo, Japan. However, we have a painful 10 hour layover in Xi'An first so won't get there as soon as we hoped. Tokyo has been on my list of places to go for a while now and, although I'm scared about how expensive it will be, I'm so excited to explore this lively and futuristic city.
After only a quick few days visit in Tokyo, I am making my way down south to Taiwan. Even though I am going to some other beautiful places, my mindset is set on Taiwan being the most memorable. The last time I was in Taiwan was when we were moving back to England (if you didn't already know, I used to live there) which was the Christmas of 2006. I can still remember some parts incredibly well. I am staying with one of mums friends on the same mountain we used to live in, Yanmingshan, so I may go and pay a visit to my old houses. I am in Taiwan for just over a week so plenty of time to venture around the city and beyond.

After Taiwan I come back to Shanghai for a few days before setting off again. I think it was more convenient for me to have a break in between so I could re-pack everything, going from winter clothes to summer clothes.



The last week of January I set off to Vietnam. I can't tell you how many people have told me that I have to go to Vietnam. My original plan was just having 4 days in Hanoi and then leaving Vietnam for Laos. But now, I am in Hanoi for a week and then arrive in Ho Chi Minh City a few weeks later just before setting off for Bali.

After Hanoi, I will be flying over to Laos, Luang Prabang. Which originally I was going by bus but a 20 hour or so bus ride didn't really appeal to me.

Luang Prabang is very popular on this route, as is Siem Reap & Angkor Wat which is my next stop after crossing the border into Cambodia.

I then, from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, take a 6 hour overnight bus, which sounds bad at the time but the bus has beds and it is overnight so should go reasonably fast, that's if I manage to fall asleep.

From Phnom Penh, I travel down to Ho Chi Minh for a few days and then have to go back to Phnom Pehn to catch a flight to Bali.

Bali will be the relaxing part of my trip, with a few day trips around Bali of course. I will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, the turquoise sea and the white sands. Again with Bali, the last time I was here was more than 10 years ago, I'm expecting a few changes to say the least. I am staying in Seminyak for the whole 11 days, which isn't as touristy as places such as Kuta. I will be taking a day out to visit Ubud to admire the endless views of rice fields.

7 countries in 2 months; not too bad. My poor bank will be crying at me once I am back in China.


"Adventure is worthwhile" - Aesop

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" - Anonymous

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