December 29, 2016

What’s in my Travel Carry-on?

Depending on the trip, I will always have my usuals packed in my hand-luggage ready for a comfortable plane/train/bus/car journey. Most of them are priorities and some only depend on what the trip is. I am currently writing this post on the flight to Hong Kong and all these items I list are with me in my hand luggage.


Only in the past year or so I have started taking my laptop with me to document my travels for my blog, store my thousands of photos and give regular updates to my family.


I almost always take my camera with me I ALWAYS take my camera with me on my travels. There is no question to it really. Photography is a hobby of mine anyway so you would guess I would always take it with me, and I also just really enjoy looking back at the memories of my travels.

I will almost always carry this in my hand luggage because I don’t trust all the throwing and faffing around they do in between the check in and getting the luggage onboard.


I cannot survive any journey on my own without my earphones. Music is my pride and joy and without my earphones, I cannot listen to any. Also, when you are in a bad mood, people will be aware and try not talk to you.



Most flights these days provide food, even if it is for a couple of hours, which is very decent but sometimes I am not in the mood for a full meal, or the food they have is to be paid for which can be very costly. When I flew with Icelandair to America, I was on the flight for 8 hours, and all the food provided you had to pay for which I was not happy with, especially to find out how expensive it was for what you got…a small chicken sandwich was £15, and it was just a sandwich.



If there is a long break between take off and food, or if you’ve run out of a food and start to get a bit peckish, gum is a good resort. However, there is only so much gum you can have until the taste gets ruined.



This is a tad obvious, but I have my passport and relevant documents all in one big wallet so it is all in the same place. This just helps me to keep organised and not worry where it all is.

What are you travel bag essentials?

2 responses to “What’s in my Travel Carry-on?”

  1. Laura Suursepp says:

    Where did you get that laptop case/sticker? It looks so damn gorgeous! xLauraconteur ♥

    • Abigail West says:

      I actually got it for my birthday so I don't know sorry. Although, I know Coconut Lane do some exactly the same! 🙂 Abs x

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