It’s that time again to hop on a plane and travel to a new place. It’s not exactly new when you’ve been plenty of times before. However, it’s the first time in about 10 years I am going back to Hong Kong and actually seeing Hong Kong instead of just the airport. I am also reuniting with my best friend from back home after 4 months which sounds like nothing but it’s one of the longest times we’ve been apart. For them to have me over for Christmas is such a lovely gift, better than being stuck in Shanghai surrounded by university and work. It’s nice to have a sense of home when you’re 1000 miles away from it.

It wasn’t the smoothest of journeys…I had a great start to the day when I didn’t have enough money for the taxi so had to argue my way out of the situation and earn his trust for me to send him money via wechat, I arrived earlier than expected (2 hours early), I forgot to fill in a departure card for immigration which caused me to queue an extra 20 minutes (doesn’t sound a lot but I hate queuing so much), I got beeped at security check as per usual and our take off was delayed by 40 minutes. I guess the main thing is that I have made it to Hong Kong safe and sound.

Lia, my bestfriend, was supposed to be meeting me at the airport when I came out into arrivals. I was expecting a huge welcoming, yet to find out she was nowhere to be seen. She was having trouble connecting to the Wifi so was getting my messages 20 minutes after I had sent them. After about 30 minutes of walking up and down the terminal to find her, she had finally connected and said she was stood where I looked in the first place, clearly I was blind. A few minutes after, sprinting towards each other and nearly knocking each other out, we were FINALLY REUNITED.

We took the bus back into Causeway Bay where my hostel and her friends apartment was, literally around the corner from each other which was more than convenient. This journey took 2 hours because of traffic when it should only take about 40-50 minutes, felt like I was in Shanghai for a minute. We finally arrived and dropped all my stuff off at the apartment and headed out to eat as we were nearly on the verge of dying. We had a bit of energy to have a wonder around Times Square but we didn't stay out long as we just wanted our beds.

A night’s sleep full of interruptions by people arriving into the hostel, becoming too hot and waking up from…nothing, I was ready to start afresh.

Have you been to Hong Kong before? Any suggestions on where to go?