Time to freak out slightly.

- Semester 1 ends in a weeks time.
- I start travelling again in 2 weeks time.
- Still yet to book one more flight.
- Have to start thinking about packing.
- Need to get my life together.

So in just under a week we finish our first semester at Fudan university. It's been a stressful and slow start to my year abroad and I still have a few big decisions to make before starting second semester but I am positive that I will work extra hard next semester in order to improve my Chinese. It is quite hard to believe that semester one is only just finishing, it's gone sooooo slowly. I've heard a lot of people say next semester will go fast, and I really don't want it to. Although I am missing my family and friends back home a lot, I am nowhere near ready to think about leaving or start my final year at university. Wait a minute, my final year at university?! Where has the time gone? I still feel like I should be back in year 11 when I was panicking about my GCSEs (which, when you think about it now, meant absolutely zero, nothing, zilch). All that stress for so little.

I have only just got back from Hong Kong and realised that I will be back at the airport in 2 weeks time on my way to Japan and then Taiwan. Now it's time to freak out a bit. AHHHHHHH! Maybe the worst thing about this is that we actually haven't booked the flight to Japan yet, but we have booked the other 2 flights to Taiwan and back to Shanghai. Besides this little hiccup, I am mega hyped up for this trip. I haven't been to Taiwan for 10 years this January coming, 10 YEARS! Am I that old? Thanks to friends still living there, we are staying with my mums friend on Yangminshan Mt which is where we lived before. I actually want to go back and visit my old houses, which may be a bit emotional (or is that a bit sad?)

I still have some things I am yet to unpack from Hong Kong, so to think about packing for the next trip is the last thing on my mind...but it really shouldn't be.
Packing can sometimes be enjoyable for me but packing on a weight limit and different places in one can be a little stressful. I try to be very smart with the way I pack my belongings but during the trip I tend to change the layout all the time so I get to a point where half the stuff I fit in the bag at the beginning can no longer fit...damn it; sadly it always happens. I had to send half of my things back to the UK with my friends in Hong Kong as the amount I got for Christmas just wouldn't fit, I didn't really prepare for that trip in all honesty.

With so much happening in the next few months, I need to just get everything organised and fix my life up. Right now though, as I am typing this, I am getting ready to celebrate the new year tonight. A group of my friends have all chipped in for a house downtown so we don't have to worry about taxis at the end of the night, or neighbourhood noise (although it's pretty hard to get away from neighbours in Shanghai). We also just wanted a nice place to stay at instead of going to a club as it's just more casual and nice to be around your closest ones. Even though I have so much to sort out in the next week, I am just going to enjoy tonight and leave everything back at home and not worry about it, it will all come together in the next few days...I hope!

What are your plans for NYE?