November 19, 2016

Why I Started a Blog

It's been precisely a year this month when I created my blog. However, I didn't start posting regularly until May this year, when I travelled in America. I thought this was a good starting point to get my blog out into the world as I was posting daily about my travelling adventures; a subject which a very popular nowadays. It also gave me topics to write about so I wouldn't have to be brainstorming a load of ideas beforehand; I would literally write a post and publish it straight after unlike now.


Having other bloggers as friends

I came up with the idea of blogging after being a top reader of Sarah's blog, my flatmate for two years and best friend, and thinking I could do something similar surely? I know quite a few people, since then, that have also started up blogs and I love how popular it has become.


Flexibility of blog subjects

Once I found out a blog can be dedicated to any subject of your choice and interest, I thought I could create a travel blog. As time went by, I began to get into the whole blogging thing and wanted to expand my topic choice to travel and lifestyle.


Learning and working

I am still learning new things about blogging everyday; I've only just discovered free stock photos which I will stay away from using but still handy to know that they are there incase I am out of photos last minute. I know there is endless topics to learn about with blogs but I always get excited when I figure one out and get the feeling of an improved blog straight away. Never give up with them because they will eventually come to you, even if it will take a few months (took me a good few months to find out that you can actually schedule your tweets in advance).


Enjoy reading blogs 

I love reading blogs, love seeing everyone's different style of writing, photography and choice of topics. No one is here to judge what you write and if they do, just ignore it and they don't have to return to your page again. There is something for everyone with blogging which is what I love. Finding new blogs and old ones is very exciting. You learn a bit from every blog so you can go back and improve yours that little bit more every time.


No commitment 

Even though sometimes there can be times where it gets a bit too much: university, blogging and work all scrambling into one pile of work, you can always take time out of your blog to catch up with everything else in your life. There is no commitment you have to make, unless of course it is your full time job. No one is judging you if you haven't put up your regular Sunday post, we understand everyone needs a break.


Hobby rather than a job

Even though I do refer to my blog as work most of the time, it will most likely always be a hobby of mine that I keep to the side. Maybe in the future it can be made into more of a part-time job but I don't see that happening just yet. Yes, I enjoy writing a lot and only discovered since starting this blog that maybe people actually enjoy reading what I write about? But I see my blog as a hobby and look at other blogs as a nice read at the end of the day.


I do not regret starting a blog at all. I think of it as my escape from reality to talk about my interests and may be write a post now and then which may help a few people escape their struggles.

Why did you start a blog? Any particular reasons?

8 responses to “Why I Started a Blog”

  1. Emily Becca says:

    Loved this! I love reading about why people started their blogs it really adds something to them. Great post lovely xx

  2. Nikki O. says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! I started writing because I love the creative side of blogging and the fact that people can take something away from my post 🙂 Nikki O. |

  3. Melina says:

    This might be one of my favorite posts to read. I love knowing why people start their blogs. I started my blog because I was having a lot of mental health issues, and my therapist told me to start a hobby I genuinely like to have a positive impact on my life. She told me to do something that I could put all my energy to. I told her that I always wanted to start a blog, and I did! It was the best thing i could have ever done. It made me so motivated and just an overall happier person! I really liked reading why you started your blog! followed you on bloglovin' xxxMelina |

    • Abigail West says:

      Ah that's an amazing story behind your blog, have you shared it in a post before? Let me know and I'll give it a read. If not, that would be a great topic to write about! Abs x

  4. The AnnieChanie Blog says:

    Such a nice post! I started a blog because I wanted somewhere that I could express my creativity online. I really enjoyed reading about all the different reasons you decided to start blogging. Great post!AnnieChanie

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