November 17, 2016

Getting the Perfect Night’s Sleep

If you are like me then I'm sure it gets frustrating when you can't get more than a good 5 hours sleep each night. It is such a pain but I have a few ways to try get that good nights sleeps. Some may sound a bit simple but they can work, they do for me anyway.


Take a bath. 

Detox and relax with a hot, long bath. Light a few scented candles, maybe put on a face mask in the duration, and add some music in the background. This is the perfect way to put all that stress behind you and just relax for a while.


Yoga or meditation. 

Keeping to your relaxation mode, try doing some meditation or yoga. This can ease those achy muscles and make your sleep a little bit more comfortable.


Aromatherapy, Lavender!

The soft smell of incense sticks, candles, diffusers or oils can be known to potentially help you fall asleep fast and easy without interruptions during the night. If you're like me and love the smell of lavender, whenever I can get my hands on a Lavender smelling incense I am one happy girl!


Use music to help you fall asleep. 

Calming music can help me fall asleep quite fast. If you feel this could help you, create a few playlists with different genres so you can figure out which genre of music helps you fall asleep fastest. Make sure the playlists aren't much longer than an hour so they aren't playing all through the night.


Block out all electrical devices an hour before sleep.

Before the build up to getting into bed, finalise your email, finish your tweet, scroll through the latest posts in Facebook and Instagram, and turn off your phone/laptop/iPad; whatever bright-lighted device you have. Do this at least an hour before bed. Because these devices stimulate your brain activity, it distracts your brain from turning off.
Because I use my phone for my alarm clock, I tend to turn my phone to airplane mode so I will still get the alarm clock waking me in the morning, but won't get any interruptions from notifications during the night.

What other things help you get a good nights sleep?

One response to “Getting the Perfect Night’s Sleep”

  1. kirsty-rose says:

    I haven't had a good night's sleep in years and it sucks! I did find though that after a bath I am a bit more relaxed so I think that I need to do that more often x

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