November 8, 2016

My First Visit to Disneyland!

Being my first time to Disneyland, my excitement levels were very high. After an hours journey to get there, I was jumping up and down with happiness to just see the word Disneyland.

We had arrived and got our tickets ready to have a fun day of acting like kids. I was a bit overwhelmed with the size of it, the colours and all the Disney-themed buildings. We first got the mandatory castle photos of all of us, obviously we couldn't leave without taking these.

We started the adventure by heading towards Tomorrowland which had a few restaurants and a couple of rides, one being the Tron-themed Lightcycle Power Run. We got some food first as some of us were on the verge of dying, and then jumped into the queue for the rollercoaster. Fair to say I was quite scared during the queue wait as it had been a good 4 years since I had been on a rollercoaster. It was very different as you would lie on your front as if you were riding a motorbike. As soon as the ride started I didn't want it to end. It was so much fun, half indoors and half outdoors, and amazing graphics indoors as you would go through; there may have been a bit of screaming during the ride too...
Luckily, we finished the rollercoaster ride just in time to catch the Disney parade which goes through the majority of the park. An incredible parade involving all the characters dancing to the soundtracks of the films.

Possibly one of the main highlights happened in Fantasyland. Yes, I got to meet Winnie the Pooh. I saw him in the distance having photos with the public and mentioned it to one of my friends, we then ran over to the queue and waited our turn. To be honest, I think we were the most excited ones in that queue! 

We went on a few rides around this area, the Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle of the Sunken Treasure and Peter Pan's Flight being the favourite ones. Whilst walking over to Fantasyland we found the Evergreen Playhouse, a theatre, where they put on a Frozen performance a few times a day. Thankfully, there was one more at 5:45pm so we made sure we would make it back in time to watch it.

In the meantime, we looked around a few shops, took a few more rides and got some snacks. All day we were contemplating whether to get Mickey ears or not as everyone was wearing them and they were very cute. However, I just took some to get a photo and put them back, is that a bit sad? The lady at the shop did not look happy so I quickly put them back and walked away.

With about 20 minutes to spare before the show started, we walked past the Alice in Wonderland maze for the second time and I suggested we go in as I was sure we would have enough time, and I was really eager to in!
You would follow the directions leading to a cave, go through the cave which took us to the start of the maze. Running through the maze trying to find a path leading us to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The detail put into this was amazing and it looked so pretty and vibrant, with a wonderful view of the castle in the background.

After whizzing through the maze in a hurry, we made it to the performance with more time to spare than we thought. The performance was all in Chinese but they had the lyrics on the screen so could pick up a few of the words now and then, it was good practise. The final song was Let It Go, obviously, with foam coming down from the ceiling at the end.

After the show, we had a good 45 minutes until the firework display on the castle were showing. We looked around a few shops and fit in some last minute rides. We were walking back to the castle unaware of the time when suddenly  loud firework went off which made us jump. As we were behind the castle at this point 3 of us ran to get to the front of the castle, leaving the others behind and splitting up. Fortunately, we all got a good view in the end and met up afterwards so worked out alright. The fireworks display was a perfect ending to the day, with scenes being shown which were projected onto the castle.

To end the day, we entered Disneytown which has shopping, dining and entertainment sections. We went here for a particular find the Cheesecake Factory. We only had to wait 10 minutes for  a table. Some of us just got cheesecake and others a main course. My friend and I got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake which was unbelievably delicious but way to filling to finish. That cheesecake was the perfect way to end the day though.

I am definitely coming back next year when it is a bit warmer. Definitely worth it for the amount you can do in a day.

Have you been to Disneyland? What was your experience like? 

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  1. Amy Bishop says:

    Great post! Planning on going to Disneyland during our trip to China in June, I'm so excited!Amy

    • Abigail West says:

      Ah you're coming to China?? Just Shanghai or other places too? You'll love it! I'm going again when my sister comes to visit haha! Abs x

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