So I have been living in my dorm room for 4 weeks now and I think it's time to give a tour of my room. Don't get too excited as it isn't the most glamorous of rooms and I also haven't decorated much as it is still early days so in a few months it will definitely look prettier.

My flat is on the 5th floor which is a pain because the supplementary buildings don't have lifts...that means everyday I have to climb 5 flights of stairs to get to my room. It's a pain but I can't complain too much as it's good exercise.

My bed is not the comfiest of beds. In fact, compared to my bed back at home, it is like sleeping on concrete. I had to buy an extra mattress to it make it that little bit more bearable to sleep on. I expected a basic, uncomfortable bed but not this bad...

One thing I appreciate having in my room is storage, and plenty of it. I have 2 cupboard, 3 drawers, 2 wide shelves, a double wardrobe (well a small double) and a generous amount of space under my bed. Not forgetting my balcony, so if there were any big items I couldn't find space for they could always go out there.

Having a balcony is a bonus. Although, living opposite a male dorms isn't quite what I had in mind for a view...However, If I look to the left, I can see the Guanghua Towers in the distance which is where my classes are.

Not the nicest of photos let's be honest...


I will definitely be adding more decorations to the room to make it more homely, I am currently on the hunt for fairy lights. I hate having a bare room so this, at the moment, is my worst nightmare.

Fairy lights, photos, souvenirs, plants; I want it all, it will just take time. The cafe where I study a lot has so many cute decorations placed around and I'm so tempted to take some home with me, do you think they would notice?  Obviously I am not going to buy too much as it will be a pain to take them back with me. I will probably be forced to leave some things behind.

Maybe a little later in the year I will give an updated room tour, when it looks a little more homely.

 What is your university room like?