This week was the holiday of the Mid-Autumn festival which meant we had Thursday and Friday off.
Because of this holiday, lots of tourist attractions were discounted so my flatmate and I thought we would take advantage of this deal and take a visit to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium after experiencing a shop around one of the fake markets, called AP Plaza. AP Plaza is the biggest fake market in the Pudong district so you can imagine how lost we got, especially since every stall looks the same. I bought two essential things which I forgot to bring with me; firstly, a Mulberry clutch bag which is the perfect size to put all my essentials in on a night out, and secondly, a Jack Wolfskin 2-in-1 raincoat, a woolly layer inside of it which is detachable, very practical for travelling!

After a hards work of bargaining with the tough Chinese, we headed from the fake market to the aquarium. Completely forgetting that everyone has these few days off work, we were not prepared for the queues ahead of us...and if you know me, I do not like queues. However, it went quite fast and tickets were half price so I can't complain too much.

I mainly went of my friend Aneta as she hadn't been to an aquarium for a long time; I've never seen someone so excited to go, she was living her childhood again. To be honest, I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn't so crowded. The pushing and the shoving just to get pictures of a few fish was unnecessary and ruins the atmosphere.

Eventually, we managed to find our way to the exit and Aneta came out with a very big smile, so all-in-all she enjoyed the experience. Taking me back to my childhood was walking into the gift shop at the end. The temptation to buy a toy seal was very was so cute and fluffy!
We left the aquarium to a horrible and humid Shanghai. It was about 30 degrees, no breeze, just sweaty and muggy weather; we felt disgusting. After a few pictures of the skyscrapers in the distance, we made our way back to the metro and travelled back home. Unaware of the dramatic weather change, we went into the metro with dry, hot weather and came out the other side in torrential rain. This is when taxis come in handy, so we popped in one just as the rain was getting heavier, thankfully!

Have you been to an aquarium? What was your experience like?