September 27, 2016

How to Overcome Homesickness

Whether you're on your year abroad, at university, or just moving out of your family home, there will always be times where you feel yourself missing home. Maybe not home, maybe just being with your family and friends, or not being in your home environment. All of these things build up to feeling homesick...and we all get it at some point.

I have felt very homesick in the past and I have always been far away so it is not easy to just go back home for a weekend. The past few years I have found ways to help me get around this and I will share them with you in this post.

The best thing is not to think about home. Doing this will ruin your experience.


Bring a few memories from home

Before you leave, make sure you pack a few souvenirs from home; whether that is your teddy bear you sleep with every night, or photos you stick on your wall to remember the good times.


Keep yourself distracted

You will find that lying in bed, or just sitting down doing nothing will trigger all those thoughts about what it would be like being at home right now. This is the worst thing to do! You need to stay distracted; even if that means going for a long walk across the city, or doing some university work...distractions will keep your mind away from home.


Make friends

The quicker you make friends, the less you find you think about home. Everyone is in the same boat; moving to a new city, new surroundings, new can be daunting at first. You will find that talking about it with them will help as they may feel the that case, you know you are not alone in this.


Listen to your old playlists

You know those playlists you listen to when you're in the car, or cooking dinner with the radio on in the those tracks and play them whenever you are feeling down. Close your eyes and imagine being back home. Trust me, it works (well it does for me anyway).


Stick to old habits, or make new ones

If you have hobbies which you can keep to when you're moving away, then do them! It's good to stick to your old routine as it won't feel like everything has changed. Or make new ones to keep busy. There are always things to do around, unless you are moving to a desert or in the middle of nowhere...

Do you get homesick? What do you do to get over it?

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