After a good three days being bed bound after a horrible illness I caught, I was eager to get out into the fresh (well Shanghai fresh) air and get a nice dinner along the Bund. Me and two friends booked a reservation at a restaurant called Lost Heaven. If you ever get to China, you need to visit this restaurant, the food is so nice.

Obviously Aneta, my flatmate, was running slightly late (she always is), which made us late for our reservation. When I say "slightly late", we were 40 minutes late... We got the metro to East Nanjing Road and then walked from there to the restaurant as it is nearly impossible to catch a taxi around that area on a Saturday night. So after a good 20 minute walk in about 27 degrees we made it to the restaurant. We went from a clean team to sweaty Betty's...lovely. The walk was worth it for the views I guess.

The restaurant was so beautiful (slightly dark for decent pictures though); it is especially known for its architecture, decor and the tasty food!

Yes, that is the toilets above...

Lost Heaven is based a few metres away from the Bund so when we went up to the rooftop bar for a look, the Shanghai Tower and Pearl Tower were in the distance, as well as a beautiful view of the lit-up city.

After a tasty meal and a wonder up to the bar, we walked over to the Bund. Because we were later getting to dinner than expected, we got to the Bund around midnight. Unfortunately, the Bund turns its lights off around half 10-11pm which I had completely forgot (yes, the picture above is what it looks like without all the lights wouldn't have guessed). However, we took advantage of the background and the small crowds and had a mini photoshoot; isn't this what everyone would do with a background like this?

Photograph taken by Aneta 

Photograph taken by Amy 

Photograph taken by Aneta 

What did you get up to at the weekend? Let me know in the comments 🙂