August 14, 2016


Before this day, I had never been to the races so I was mega excited to see what all the fuss about going is. It’s the perfect day to get all dressed up in your best attire and spend the day drinking and betting on the races, which is just what we did.

I went with a group of friends, some of my best friends, and some friends of friends. There was about 15 of us in total, the perfect amount of people to have a good laugh with.

When we arrived, you could already see the effort people put in to these events…there were so many beautiful dresses around and the men were all suited up nicely. We started our day off by getting a bottle of rosé between the three of us and decided to do that all day as it worked out cheaper, still wasn’t that cheap though. Food and drink at the races is extremely expensive so either prepare before by eating a full meal and only have a few snacks there, or just don’t buy anything there. I managed to go the whole day without eating food which I definitely don’t recommend as it is very bad for you. I spent my money on wine and a few bets. 

Unless you have tactics, or you know your horses very well, betting can just be a guessing game. I always chose the horse with the best odds to win as it just seemed obvious. Unfortunately, every horse I bet on lost. I even bet on two horses for one race and neither of them won. Annoyingly, my friend Laura won all her races apart from the last. Being my competitive self, I was not happy that I lost all mine and she won nearly all of hers…that’s just luck! 

The hunt for my outfit of the day was a real struggle. I’m that sort of person who is very picky with their clothes and how they look, and I think with an event like this everyone will go all out with their outfits to look their best. I think it took approximately three days of shopping to finally find one. After a trip to Bath, and eight shops later, I found a floral-patterned, aqua, grey and white structured dress from Apricot. It was the perfect colours to match my skin tone and I had plenty of accessories to go with it. My dark nude-coloured bag was from Mulberry (it is fake but no one knows that ey?), my left hand ring was a present from my sister for my 18th birthday, my other ring with the big turquoise stone in the middle was from Pia (unfortunately I don’t think they sell it anymore) and my other ring was bought in Turkey a few years back. The bigger bracelet was one of my mums which I stole from her (she didn’t actually realise it went she has that many bracelets) and the smaller one was another present from my sister for my 18th birthday. I thought these subtly patterned, and silver accessories went perfectly with my dress and bag. Finally, my shoes (which are my sisters) are from H&M which matched my bag…safe to say they were not the comfiest of shoes and the most practical of shoes for this day but it is not like we were running around all day. 

I was very impressed with the length of my nails, as I never grow them out, so I painted them a neutral colour from Sephora (my favourite nail varnish!)

The perfect day which I’m happy I agreed to go to. If you’re ever looking for a nice, chilled out day where you can dress up in your best attire and spend a bit of dosh on some bets, then I recommend you take a visit to the races at some point. 


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