August 14, 2016


Scheduled to be a nice, sunny day, me and my best friend Lia took a walk up the downs, in Cherhill, which is a few minutes drive away from my house. I took my Nans dog with us so he could enjoy the fresh air for good while.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to whack out my camera and get snapping photographs of the countryside. It’s not everyday where you have beautifully clear days like this, especially in England! Wiltshire is such a nice county filled with stunning views of the landscapes.

I met Lia at the top as I had to take it slow with Charlie; he has arthritis on his hips so long walks are not very practical for him anymore, but we made it in one piece!! 

I love days like this day where you can just embrace your surroundings and not worry about what work you have to do, or what chores are needing to be done..just nice to get away from the madness once in a while and chill out. 

Charlie is my absolute favourite dog in the world and I couldn’t ever picture my life without him; he isn’t even my dog, he’s my Nans! I love this photograph as it just shows how much an animal can make one person so happy. Anyone else think it’s just nice to get away from humans and spend time with your pet?!

It is sad to know that I won’t be in this county for a year in just under 2 weeks time! 


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