DAY 25

With very little sleep because of excitement, I was up and ready to go! I was so unprepared for what I was about to experience in the next few hours. I probably sound ridiculous but America is known for it’s big sports such as baseball and I was so lucky that we were able to fit it in just before I left. 

For starters, the stadium is so much bigger than I thought it would be, so overwhelming. We got our tickets and headed in. At this point, the stadium was packed and there were people everywhere. The thing I learnt with baseball games is how relaxed the atmosphere is. It’s not like Basketball where there are people shouting to the players and cheers constantly…of course there is cheering but not as intense. It is a family sport so there were lots of families around which was so nice to see. For the first hour, we walked around the stadium and had lunch. We managed to get up to the rooftop where all the bars were (sadly I couldn’t get a drink) and get a perfect view of the whole pitch.

We wondered around a bit more as were weren’t ready to sit down and just embrace the heat, it was 38 degrees on this day!! For lunch I got a pulled pork burger which was unbelievable. It is normal for stadium food to be at a low standard or just average but the majority of the food places at the stadium are gourmet standard, SO GOOD! If I could, I would’ve had another but it filled me up so much and I would’ve felt like a massive pig. 

We went to find our seats after getting my third bottle of water, drinking like I’ve never had water before. We were about 12 rows from the front so had a great view. To be honest, any seat is good in this stadium so I wouldn’t have been fussed either way. I was apprehensive to who I should be supporting but I stuck with the Rockies as I was in Colorado (and they were winning at the time hahaha). 

We decided to leave about 20 minutes before the end so we could get away from the crowds quickly. We were all dying by this point anyway because of the heat so it was for the best before one of us got sun stroke. This was by far one of my highlights from the trip. They say you should go and see a baseball game, or basketball or one of these big sporting games if you ever get to America and I’m so glad I was able to go. I couldn’t recommend it enough so get it on your list as a priority when you go to America…you won’t be let down!

DAY 26
Sadly, Penny was leaving me today to go to Chicago for a wedding so I had to say an early goodbye to her but I’m adamant that I’m coming back in 2 years time so I’ll see her soon. I was quite scared to be left in this stupidly massive house for a few days but I managed to survive. Going to bed at 8pm just to avoid walking around the house in darkness definitely helped.

DAY 28
After the last few days of just chilling and getting all packed up, it was sadly time to leave this beautiful place. I was so sad and knew that in a few weeks I would be reminiscing about the whole trip (which I am doing so right now). I keep looking at all the photographs and getting upset that I’m not there still. I will be back in a few years time though Colorado, with me x2 (my sister).


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