DAY 22
Sadly, this was the last day Josh was with us as he was heading off travelling for work. While he played golf, me and Penny took a trip to the mall to do more shopping, there’s always time for a bit of shopping! On our way back from the mall, we made a visit to Taco Bell (a must-do according to Josh and Penny) and I’m not going to lie, I wanted to go anyway. I got two tacos and they tasted absolutely incredible! When we arrived back home, we waited for Josh to come back so he could take me and Penny tubing on the lake. We were both apprehensive when we got onto the boat as there was thunder and lightning in the distance but we went ahead anyway, why not?! We were out for about 45 minutes and it was the highlight of my weekend; honestly so much fun. We were convinced Josh was trying to flip us off but we managed to stay on the whole time…our hands were very red from the hard gripping. I’m not going to put a photo up as they aren’t the most flattering of photos I must say…let’s just save the embarrassment.

DAY 23
Josh was sadly leaving us today so I had to wave him off until next time. I’m adamant that I will be returning in two years time so it’s not too long to wait.

Yet another trip to the mall, but this time it was  a proper shopping trip and it was very successful. I just want everything in all the shops here, damn you money!

 The weather was very indecisive, one minute it was pouring it down, the next it was 35 degrees and we were dying. As we were returning home, we could see the storm approaching in the distance; it wasn’t looking nice. Of course with the thunder and lightning in the background, me and Penny thought it would be a good idea to watch a horror film, The Boy; I got very little sleep that night. It was scary but the story plot wasn’t very well made.

DAY 24
Early morning start as I was woken up by the two dogs coming into my room…it happened every morning but I would only ever hear their little paws, never actually see them, so funny!

Me and Penny were heading off to Boulder this morning to walk around the town, seeing the famous Pearl Street Mall which had loads of shops and restaurants, and ending the day with a beautiful hike up towards the flatirons.

Unfortunately this day slowly took a turn for the worst…

We decided to have lunch at the Cheese factory, yet again. I know we had already been before but the first time I had such a cold that I couldn’t even taste the food so the whole experience was ruined. Penny had a “lunch sized” portion salad which we both agreed was definitely NOT a lunch size portion.

I had the same thing as last time which was Salmon and it was delicious! However, something was clearly wrong with it when I started to get a very bad stomach pain and became very ill very suddenly. Because of this, we weren’t able to do the hike (without me being sick every few minutes), so we made our way back home. Val, bless her, went to the shops and bought every possible medicine for my stomach which helped and I was fine the rest of the evening. Penny slightly scared me as she said when she had food poisoning it lasted a good few weeks, I must’ve been quite lucky…just imagine the plane trip back home!! 

Regardless, I’m happy we made it to Boulder and had a good day exploring the town as it was soooo lovely, definitely recommend visiting the town if you ever get to Colorado.

Finally feeling back to normal, we went to the sports shop in the evening, along with some art and crafty shops, to find some presents for the family. We went down the main street at Cherry Creek which was all lit up with lights and looked so beautiful. The picture was taken on my phone so it isn’t too great. Two very tired girls headed back to the house and had a lovely chilled evening and headed off to bed reasonably early so we had enough energy for the baseball game the next day (I couldn’t sleep too much because I was so darn excited!!)


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