Day 21
We’re off to the Denver Botanical Gardens today. Me, Penny and Val decided to choose the hottest day during my time here to walk around the Botanical Gardens, around 40 degrees all day! However, it was such a lovely day and so many people visiting the gardens. These sort of places are so relaxing; you can just take a day out by yourself and enjoy the surroundings without having to be rushed.

We walked around the gardens for about an hour and slowly started to feel ourselves deteriorating because of the heat. We finally found a cafe to grab a bottle of water each and started to head towards the exit. Just before the exit was an inside conservatory which was beautiful, mainly because there was air-con inside!! We decided to head back to the car to go and have lunch before we pass out.

We had a beautiful lunch out at a restaurant called Hillstone’s but still haven’t managed to cope with the American portions so couldn’t quite manage the whole meal…pathetic I know!

After lunch we headed back to Vals to pick up the doggies and I finally got to meet Katie properly (Katie is Val’s dog, a border collie). She can be unpredictable but she was a sweetheart. However, that house is a mad dog house with 4 dogs in it, they definitely take over the house!! 

After collecting the dogs, we got back to the house and went straight into the pool as we couldn’t bare the heat. Managed to finally get on one of the swans which was a challenge but I managed to get on without falling off!!
I also took a kayak out because clearly I thought it was a good idea in that heat (it definitely wasn’t as I came back looking like a tomato).


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