So we started today with an early start of 6am, checking out of the hostel and heading over to Emeryville Amtrak station. We were so confused with buses but managed to get help from a local passing by. Eventually making it to the station, we had a 40 minute wait until our train, meaning time to top up on food! We got on the train easily and ready to head to Yosemite!

30 minutes into our journey there was a trespasser incident. This left us on standby for 3 HOURS! Because of this hold back, they were offering free food bags with snacks in. We took advantage of this and managed to get 8 bags in total for snacks over the next couple of days (smart thinking right?) Finally arrived in Merced to catch the bus to Yosemite. However, because of the train delay we had to get the last bus at 5:30, we got to the train station at 2:30, so quite a wait. We decided to go and explore the town a bit. We didn't get far as it was very hot, and not much around. When we got the bus, we realised we were only a few more blocks from the town centre but hey ho! 

After a long whole day of travelling, we finally arrived in our amazing accommodation located in the Yosemite valley with the mountains surrounding us. Our tent wasn't too far away from the communal places so we were very happy! Because it was late at night when we arrived, we explored around the area and took an early nights sleep so we could get up early the next day and see as much as possible of the the national park.




An early start of 6am, we got up, showered and headed to breakfast where we both had pancakes. The first time I've had pancakes this year and they did not disappoint!! We started to set off at 9am and took the shuttle bus to the first stop which was Mirror Lake. Nothing to say about it apart from how beautiful and breathtaking the views were...

We then headed onto Yosemite falls which is probably the most spectacular waterfall I've ever seen. You would get to the viewpoint and feel the water lightly on your face. With it being quite busy, we didn't stay too long as we wanted to get onto the next location for a big hike up to the top of the mountain.

We had a few snacks before the start of the hike up the John Muir trail, 3 miles long. It is estimated for people to do this hike between 2-4 hours and they say the hike is strenuous so we HAD to get prepared. Half way through the hike, we got to the half way point which gave a beautiful view of the top of the mountain where you could see the people at the top overlooking the national park. Little did we know, the final part was a challenge! With steep steps, and a shower on the way there from the waterfall, we finally got to the peak of the mountain.

We were in slight shock from the views and the photographs don't really do it justice. We were so exhausted after stupidly deciding to do this hike at the hottest time of the day, it was about 34 degrees on the day. BUT, WE MADE IT! Overwhelming sceneries, we both felt so lucky to have made it here.


This wasn't the end of the hike as we had to trek all the way back down the mountain which was a lot more challenging. Especially during the first part as the steps were incredibly steep so the queue was very slow. Overall, the hike there and back took us roughly 3 hours, including a big break at the top. I would do it all over again if I could. Maybe I will when I come back one day.
We made it back to camp in time for dinner and then headed out at night for a walk through the meadows. I may have got slightly scared that we would run into a bear so didn't make it that far!!



DAY 10

I'm actually amazed we woke up alive this morning as Lia decided to leave a piece of cake in our tent (all food has to go in the bear proof box outside your tents), how lucky were we?!
Anyway, time to leave and we couldn't be any more sad about it. We wish we did more than 2 nights but it just got expensive and travellers have to budget and fit everything else into their schedule (boring but it's reality).
The trip back home was unexpectedly smooth. No delays, no accidents, nothing...weird knowing our luck!
We arrived back into the transbay terminal and got whistled at for trying to run across the terminal instead of taking the pedestrian crossing all the way round (it was actually signposted everywhere but we chose to ignore it).
Back to the same hostel...although our roommate this time around isn't very talkative which is always awkward but we're happy we made it back to the city!