DAY 16
Today was our last full day in San Francisco. We’ve had an amazing time and I would definitely come back. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of travelling to the US to go to the West coast and take a few days to visit San Francisco, it is one incredible city! Even though the number of homeless people is staggering, you try not to let that ruin your experience.
Today we thought we’d spend doing some shopping and taking a walk (partly bus trip) up to Lombard Street.
This morning we had pancakes which the hostel made the mix for and we could just help ourselves and make as many as want! We only had one each as they were big and we also had toast on the side.

To start the day off we took a visit to Macy’s and started to plan what our New York and LA apartments will look like. We may have high expectations but what’s the point in having nothing to aim for in the future? We tried nearly every bed we saw even though they said not too but doesn’t everyone do that? We also had lunch in Macy’s in a place called Asian Box which was incredible and quite reasonably priced.

After a venturing around Macy’s for a bit, we made our way over to Lombard Street which was so beautiful. However, cars being allowed to drive down it ruins the views and experience. I was incredibly surprised as to how popular it was. I don’t know why as it’s the most famous street in San Francisco, I’m just a bit naive!

To end our day and travels, we had a nice indian downtown which was really nice (even though the waiter spilt curry all down me but whatever). Sad to end our travels but onto planning the part!!


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