DAY 13
Today we are heading further down south by the coast to a town called Monterey. Before beginning the journey down there, we took the morning to do some shopping and explore Chinatown. Half way through lunch I realised that we wouldn’t catch our train in time if we left later than 1pm. By this time it was precisely 1:06pm…great! There was no way we would get our train in time if we got the next bus as it was departing after the time of our train, very inconvenient! Therefore, we had to get a taxi to the station which was going to cost a fortune but ended up being cheaper than we thought as we split the price.
After another very smooth journey, we had arrived in Monterey. We arrived in the early evening so we relaxed at the hostel for a while and then headed out to watch the sun set and go to Monterey bay where they had bars, restaurants, casinos and lots of cute, little shops. Both me and Lia got burgers and I said from the beginning that I was not leaving America without having a burger and this one definitely did not disappoint!
We got back to the hostel and met one of our roommates (we were in an 8-bed dorm). her name was Julia and she was from Austria. Most of the people we have met along this travel have been traveling with cars so it’s very easy for them to get around (easier than public transport for sure!) Julia was making her way down to LA gradually. After discussing our plans for the next day and finding out we were heading to the same place, Big Sur, she kindly offered to take us down to Big Sur and visit places along the way on the coastline.

DAY 14

So we woke up this morning bright and early and headed off to Big Sur with Julia. The drive down is so much better in a car as you can stop off along the coast whenever to get out and explore and obviously capture some beautiful photographs of the views, which is what we did.

Along the way, we stopped off at Carmel beach and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park which was misted over but still a beautiful walk overlooking the sea.

Not much to say about Big Sur apart from how beautiful it was. Even though it was misty, the views were still incredible. Unfortunately we couldn’t do any hiking as me and Lia both wore inappropriate footwear but we still had a lovely lunch high up above the clouds. 

DAY 15

Today was the day we were going back to San Francisco for the last few days before we head off in different directions and finish our travelling down the West coast. We took the morning to explore a bit more of Monterey and walked down to the beach called Lovers Point. It was a cloudy but clear day. Although around mid-morning it got very hot, up to around 27 degrees. 

After a short walk to the beach and back, we headed on back to San Francisco. Buses are so weird here as we either just hop on without paying or we lie about our age and get it so cheap (not that I’m complaining). We were so close to missing our train as the bus ride was very slow due to heavy traffic, luckily we managed to catch it with 5 minutes to spare! 


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