DAY 11 

Today we wanted to take the cable car down to fisherman’s Wharf and explore all the ‘touristy’ attractions around that area. The cable car is a must-do if you go to San Francisco. This was amazing to see all the different streets, especially Lombard Street which we are going to walk up when we return here just before our flights back to Boston and Colorado. The cable car was definitely a fun experience, and we were right at the front so we had excellent views of the city. We hopped off at the entrance of Fisherman’s Wharf and headed towards Pier 39. 

Pier 39 is known for the hundreds of sea lions around the area. I must say, I was not expecting to see that many sea lions. They were so loud and making hilarious noises. Many were sleeping and others were slide onto the platform on top of them and disturb their sleep; many ending up fighting each other which was quite amusing. They are such funny animals; we were watching them for about half an hour!! 
After exploring Pier 39 and having lunch there, we walked along the sea front and walked over to Fort Mason which took us over the hill to the other side giving views of the Golden Gate Bridge in the mist. It wasn’t very clear as it was a hazy day but it was nice to have a walk along the area. 

After a short walk further on down, we got a bus back and headed back to the hostel for a short rest. In the evening we found a beautiful Thai restaurant where we both had delicious meals (I would definitely recommend it – called grab and go). We pretty much knocked out when we got back later in the evening as we were exhausted. 

DAY 12 

One of the worst night’s sleep ever as I kept waking up every other hour ugh…oh well! So today we had planned to travel on down to Fisherman’s Wharf, then take the ferry over to Sausalito and travel down to Muir Woods. This plan was soon to change as the whole day turned into a complete disaster…what a surprise. Thinking our luck couldn’t get any worse on this trip, this day just reached a whole different level of bad luck.
We got to Sausalito and found out that the buses only run on weekends to Muir Woods. We could have hired a private bus but that was soooo expensive and not worth it. Instead, we shared a pizza and ate it on the sea front which was really nice and the weather was beautiful. Even though we spent $20 to get there and back, it wasn’t completely wasted as we looked around the small town a bit more and just relaxed.
We took the ferry back after a few hours which gave outstanding views of the Golden Gate Bridge through the mist.

We wanted to head to a beach called Baker Beach which viewed the Golden Gate Bridge from the side. However, it proved great difficulty to find this beach…only 2 1/2 hours (it was supposed to take us 30 minutes!!) So after a long detour, we managed to find our way to the beach only to find out that it was completely misted over and you could only see a couple of metres in front of you. Lia thought it was a good idea to dip our feet into the ocean to see how cold it is, when I headed down a huge wave came in further than we thought and washed up half of my bad, my sunglasses and bus ticket. Luckily I didn’t need the bus ticket and my sunglasses were cheap and easily cleaned. Even more lucky, my bag is waterproof but had tonnes of sand at the bottom so it took a few minutes to dry it all up. I went in again to wash my feet and the same thing happened but to me, the water when up to my thighs and completely destroyed my tights…I threw them away at the beach. After this hectic and unorganised day, we were happy to get back to the hostel to our warm beds! We could now get excited for the next day as we were heading further down south by the coast.


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