May 23, 2016



After 6 long months of waiting, the time has finally come for my America travels. The excitement has been building every hour of every day.

It’s my first time flying completely alone which is terrifying but I’m currently in Iceland and nothing has gone wrong so far (although I nearly got flushed down the toilet in Iceland, DAMN YOU AUTOMATIC FLUSHES). 

I’ve arrived to Iceland and absolutely fallen in love with the scenery. Although Reykjavik isn’t near any of the glaciers, flying into the airport you could see the glaciers in the distance (although I was sat on the wrong side of the plane, annoyingly). Also, the majority of the airport passengers are American, I guess I’ll have to get used to the accent anyway. All in all, I’m happy my layover was in Iceland, even though I’m only here for 2 hours, I’ve been lucky enough to see its beautiful surroundings and I’m definitely going to have a trip back up here in the next few years! 

The pictures are using my iPhone camera so they are not great quality.


First stop is Denver to see my family and be reunited with my best friend after 5 months. They have the nicest house and I’m honestly so lucky to have them let me stay for 2 and a half weeks! I arrived around 7:00pm with my family awaiting my arrival at the airport. I was so happy to see their two thrilled faces as I walked out to see them. 

Being overwhelmed by the views of the rocky mountains right ahead of us in the car was one thing, but the family house is on a whole other level… it is insanity! Not only is it massive, but they actually have everything you could want; a swimming pool, a lake, tennis court, speed boat… you name it and they will most likely have it. I also got two bedroom options, both of which were ridiculously huge with en suites and walk in wardrobes; so there won’t be any arguments between me and Lia (I got here first anyway, first come first serve right?) 

I’m finally reunited with Lia tomorrow morning so I am mega excited to pick her up from the airport. It’s just going to be a relaxing day tomorrow paddle boating in the lake and then hiking and more adventurous exploring on the other days.

I will put up photographs of the house tomorrow as it was dark when I arrived so couldn’t get a clear image. 

I will be posting as much as possible on this trip, when I have wifi, (most likely late at night as I’ll be busy doing lots of amazing things in the day). AHHH I still can’t believe I’m actually here now!! 


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