DAY 6 

After the most painful and possibly worst 15 hours ever, we have made it to San Francisco and wouldn’t be happier! I almost cried when we touched down I was so overwhelmed. Arriving at the hostel 5 hours before check-in, we quickly had showers and went out for the day to explore, leaving our bags with reception. If people know how much sleep we had in the last 48 hours, they’d be amazed with the energy we had. 

Our hostel is in the perfect location, right next to union square and the cable car corner. We decided to climb right to the top of the city so we saw the other side where Fisherman’s Wharf is. However, we stopped there as we have planned to do all of that, and the Golden Gate Bridge, tomorrow! 

We explored near enough the whole city and found some beautiful gardens and the high end stores (SAKS FIFTH AVENUE!) Honestly, the people here are so kind, why aren’t us British like this?! 

I went out alone while Lia caught up on some sleep and went to find a camera charger as I had stupidly left mine at Penny’s house in Colorado. I ended up doing a massive circle and ended up in the same place. I’d say I was meant to do that but I got very lost. Eventually, 30 minutes later, I ended up in the beautiful Chinatown. Chinese men would be playing music on the streets, there were cute little souvenir shops, and beautiful buildings…all so amazing!

Also, the FOOD…IS AMAZING! People aren’t joking when they say the portions are ridiculous! If you want normal sized portions then just don’t come to America, they don’t exist! There are so many cute diners which we will definitely be going in, I mean how can you go to America and not go to a diner?!

We have an action-planned day tomorrow; Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39…the WHOLE SHEBANG!!


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