What a surprise, I have woken up at a ridiculous hour again…jet lag is a nuisance. I’ve been in the lounge since 5am and it’s now 8am…Lia is still asleep, so lazy. I’ve been bombarded in the lounge by college kids so my silence has been ruined!
We got a free breakfast from the hostel and then headed on to the bike shop where we rented bikes for  the whole day to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. Clearly from the picture we were so excited and ready to go, however, we weren’t prepared for what was ahead of us.
We had a briefing about the journey which was roughly 12 miles to the Golden gate bridge and a few more miles to get back. The route was all over the place, we were bound to get lost.

What were we thinking, of course we got lost, and it was much worse than you can imagine. Instead of heading North of San Francisco, we managed to head South and end up cycling around 15 miles off the route. The funniest thing is we were originally heading North and were following the route correctly but for some reason we thought we were going the wrong way half way there so decided to head back and just guess our way there (NEVER DO THIS!!) After realising we had gone the wrong way as we ended up nearly cycling over the freeway, we decided to ask people, all who couldn’t believe how far away we were from it.
To add to the bad luck we’ve had so far, we were crossing a road and something decided to puncture my tyre (of course it had to be me). So this added on about 15 minutes to our journey of waiting for another bike to get to us. We were still laughing at this point from the biggest mistake we made.

Eventually we got back to where we were 3 hours ago and managed to get to the Golden Gate Park which eventually led us onto the Golden Gate Bridge about 40 minutes later. Words can’t describe how amazing this experience was. Even though we were so worn out and had low energy levels, we walked up to the top of the hill to get a better view overlooking the whole bridge.
A while after taking in the views of the Golden Gate Bridge, we continued to head down to the town of Sausalito which was so pretty and right by the sea with a beautiful view of the whole city of San Francisco opposite us. We had a beautiful dinner and treated ourselves to an ice cream which we well and truly deserved.
The whole journey lasted about 8 hours, and we figured out we cycled about 25 miles or more in total (our legs and bums are aching soooo much now).

We were yet to find out, after a ferry ride across back to the city, that we had another few horrible hills to climb. We had so little energy that we walked our bikes most of it. No normal person would be able to bike it anyway, IT’S SO STEEP! 

We finally got back to the hostel and passed out not long after.

Tomorrow we are heading to Yosemite National Park for 2 nights. Knowing our luck, the journey will not be smooth so wish us luck!!


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