Soooo… during Easter my friend and I were privileged enough to travel around China for two weeks! This opportunity allowed us to visit some of the major cities and the most beautiful views in China. The trip started in Shanghai, then to Xi’An, Chengdu, Jiuzhai Gou and finished back in Shanghai. I can’t put into words how incredible the whole trip was, and the photographs definitely don’t justify how stunning the views we were surrounded by were.
Even though I feel the photographs don’t give people the real insight to how beautiful China’s urban and rural areas are, here are a few photographs from each city:

 Botanical Gardens, Shanghai                                                                                    Bell Tower, Xi’An                                                                                  Wenshu Temple, Chengdu                                                                           

Jiuzhai Gou had to be my favourite, without a doubt. The mountainous views and flowing rivers, the hundreds of yaks and the friendly locals; the place was unimaginable. Even though it took us ten hours to get there from Chengdu, it was 100% worth it. I would do it all over again just to see those views!

We stayed at a local traditional homestay owned by a Tibetan family. They were the most welcoming bunch of people I have ever met, I would definitely go back and stay again.
We were taken to visit Zhou Ma’s brother’s house where he also offers a homestay (slightly grander than Zhou Ma’s, but more modern). He showed us around and guided us through the history of their family, with photographs of all the people who had previously visited (some who were famous journalists and writers).

The other highlight, for both of us, was visiting the Terracotta Warriors museum. This emotional experience will be unforgettable.

A few photographs I have been playing around with in photoshop.
   Leshan Giant Buddha

 Prayer flags which were all around the Jiuzhai Gou                         

 national park and town.                                                                                                                                         Dried fruits at a local market in the national park.


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