So recently I signed up for Photoshop and Lightroom to be installed on my Macbook as it was originally on my families Mac so I didn’t have access to it. It has been updated since then, it was a long time ago, so I am new to the layout but making my way around it fast enough. I pay for both applications monthly so if you’re thinking about doing the same click here for the link. I think it is definitely worth it, especially considering you get Lightroom and Photoshop.

I have used Photoshop since day one of starting my photography and it has been so easy to get around. Youtube tutorials have been my saviour for the newly updated Photoshop as I haven’t been able to figure out the most simplest of things, one being dragging one image onto another, just terrible! You’re probably thinking, how can you sit there and just watch tutorials trying to figure out how it works… trust me, i don’t enjoy it, I just want to be able to do it straight away but sometimes it just isn’t that simple, it sucks but that is how it is.
Lightroom is completely new to me so it may take a few weeks to recognise the easiest parts of editing photographs. I’m one to be very impatient, so I will either delay learning how to use it for as long as possible or just try different ways to tackle it until I eventually achieve it.

The other night I was just doodling around and created the photographs shown below. I really enjoy combining multiple images and experimenting with different tools on Photoshop. These are just experiments so they aren’t great, I must admit.

This image of the bird is not one of my best, but I thought it showed a clear way of how I layer the same image on top to emphasise the movement and speed of the object in the image. To allow it to flow a little smoother, I would have smoothened out the edges of the birds wings, possibly using the tool motion blur, so the movement would be more obvious. 

I have created a series of photographs similar to the above photograph, and the main tool used which helps create this effect is called replace colour. This allows you to change the colour of the background the same as the other image you are using so it blends in well using a blending mode effect

Since being back home I have been out plenty of times so I will be incorporating them into my next group of edits. Here is a sneaky peak at what the scenery is like around my home area, not great quality as it was taken on my iPhone. 

Click here to head over to my website, I will be adding a few more photographs on it in the next week or so hopefully. Right now it’s time to go back to the real world and get sleep before work tomorrow at 6:30am, help me!


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